Why I Always Walk My Dog with a Leash

Why I Always Walk My Dog with a Leash

To Those Who Walk Their Dog Without a Leash, Stop.

Dear next-door neighbors who stroll their pet dog without a leash,

Hi! I’m the man with the dark Drahthaar (hunting dog) named Rufus. I want to take a minute and ask you to stroll your dogs on a leash.

No, I get it. Your dog is fantastic and well-trained. You’ve been through extensive training and your dog knows a multitude of verbal commands. Your pet is a service animal and sees children’s cancer wards and retirement communities and is the best-behaved pet you’ve ever had. I get that.

dogs with and without a leash

The truth is, I don’t care about your dog. When I’m walking Rufus leashed and you’re strolling your dog loose, my issue is for my dog, not yours.

While I understand you are 100% sure that your pet won’t do anything spontaneous, I get it. Next-door neighbor, the truth is that your dog is an animal and any claim that you’re 100% certain your pet dog will not do anything is incorrect. They MAY not, but you can’t be so sure. It’s basic; dogs are animals and react instinctively.

Yes, I’m personally invested because Rufus wasn’t socialized before living with me. So, he’s not good with other dogs, he likes people, endures children but does not like other canines … and squirrels, he dislikes squirrels. You’ve probably observed we cross the street when we discover another canine.

While I’ve trained Rufus to disregard other canines, if your pet starts barking, he’ll react. If you’re pet isn’t leashed and decides to act instinctively (again, they’re pets) and runs towards us, Rufus will react. My worry is that would be bad.

Despite my efforts to avoid your loose canine and the fact that your pet ran towards my pet and he protects himself, felt confident, we would be thought about at fault.

You’re putting MY pet in jeopardy because YOUR dog is unleashed. That’s uncool. (read this story if you doubt the truth of this.).

Yes, I’m familiar with the many preconceptions around the drahthaar hunting dog. I find type particular bias, and legislation, terrible and do not believe they can, or should, be generally used. But yea, I’m mindful. It’s why I’ve trained Rufus to be a responsible canine resident and I’m anresponsible canine owner and uses a leash. I’m unwilling to put my dog, or yours, in a position where he might feel threatened and use his instincts.

To be reasonable, I was also like you. I used to have a pet dog that I strolled without a leash. When faced, I defended my canine like you do, stating “He won’t do anything” “He’s friendly” and my individual preferred “Relax” (when has anything excellent ever come from someone stating “Relax” in a heated circumstance?). When I think back now, I’m ashamed of my behavior. I was wrong.
Please take this letter under consideration. The advantages to keeping your pet on a leash far exceed the possible consequences of not. It’s also considerate of your neighbors.

If you’re still skeptical, it’s safe to presume your state has some kind of leash law.


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