Hunting dogs in Action and mom with liter of pups


To learn more about Utah – Drahthaar and what we do, read the following text:

About Us

– the aspiring Deutsch-Drahthaar Hunting dogs Organisation

As the organization of Hunting Dogs in the city of Utah, United States of America, our mission is to:

Encourage and promote the keeping and breeding of purebred dogs and to improve their quality.
 Educate dog owners of their responsibilities.
To support and encourage dog owners to obedience train their dogs.
Organise, regularize and promote competitive hunting dogs events.
Advance drahthaar hunting dogs interests, its companionship and values.

The Utah Drahtaar Organisation (UDO) was registered on 24 September 1982 as a non-profit organization without having to use the word “Limited.”
We are recognized nationally through our global and regional affiliations, as the Utah Deutsch-Drahthaar Hunting Dogs group.

Pedigree Certificate Issuance
Just like other public hunting dogs clubs, we register Pedigree dogs and issue our 3 generation Pedigree Certificate. Before the publication of our Pedigree Certificate, Litter Inspectors inspect the puppies to verify the breed, sex and most importantly, the microchip number. Those who own purebred dogs can get their dogs Breed certified after 2 Inspectors have inspected the said dog and both confirm that it is the breed for which an application was made.

Hunting Dogs Names.
It is a made-up word by breeders of not more than 12 letters and must not be hyphenated. The Kennel Name/Affix is registered with the international canine body i.e. the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Once registered with the FCI, no other breeder (internationally) can use the Kennel Name/Affix.

Competitive Activities
Competitive events are organized throughout the year which comprises of International, Utah Championship Shows, sporting competitions such as Obedience, Agility and Jumpers Trials and Grooming Competitions. Such competitive events are adjudicated by overseas judges who are licensed or certified by the National respective canine organizations that they belong to. For every competitive activity, there are Rules and Regulations to be adhered to.  Dogs competing in the Championship Shows and the other competitive sporting events aspire to achieve the prestigious titles is the respective Shows and competitions.

Grooming certifications.
Not all canine organizations cater for Grooming certifications. In the US, five cities have included Grooming in their list of activities.  Utah is one of them. Groom your dog with confidence by visiting a Deutsch-drathaar hunting dog’s appointed grooming establishment.