Early Hunting with Dogs

Is there any particular reason as to why the hunters like hunting so much with a dog? There are many groups of Hunters in the United States that is always being assisted by the hunting dogs. It may have something to do with the history, media or influence of the modern world. With the hunting […]

Hunting men with drahthaar

Beginners Hunting Guide

Do you want to become a hunter? Those new to hunting (and even skilled hunters) might be intimidated at raising a fit animal to do the work, but the beginning is not as hard as it seems. An essential thing when training a hunting dog is to choose a SINGLE TRAINING ROUTINE and stay with […]

Hunting Dogs Outdoor Experience

New to Hunting DOG outdoor hunting experience? Using hunting pet dogs for the activity from a game has remained in practice ever since man and pet dog uncovered they provided great friends. Whether selecting canines, scent dogs, or retrievers the partnership in between a hunter as well as his canine version is an exclusive one. […]

Drahthaar Hunting Dog Characteristic

Early in the 20th century, an increased interest in hunting accompanied by a need for new and better breeds of hunting dogs. This demand led to the breeding of canines with preferred qualities, searching for the best hunting buddy. Belonging to Germany, the Deutsch-Drahthaar (German Wirehair) traces its family tree back to crossbreeding of the […]

Hunting Dog Competition photo

Hunting Dog Competition Guidelines

Hunting Dog Competition Guidelines The Utah – Drathaar Org Code of Conduct Every breed has a written standard that describes what the head of a particular breed should look like, its body, forelegs, hind legs, tail placement, etc. In other words, the breed standards describe what a perfect specimen of a breed should look like, […]

Responsible Dog Ownership

Responsible Dog Ownership The Utah Drathaar Organization is driven to educate dog owners of their responsibilities, which includes obedience training, the companionship, and values that a dog can give to its owner. In Utah, United States of America, like in many developed countries, is confronted with a high level of abandoned animals as society progresses. […]