Monitor your Home: How I Keep My Pet Safe at Home

How to take care of my Dog when not at home

Do you know that you can now secure what you left behind through a single touch?

(August 23, 2018) – The ADT Safestreets Security and Hi Tech Home Pros Smart Home Team 

I’ve often heard our consumers ask what does it cost? They love using ADT Safestreets technology to look after their family pets. I didn’t know how valuable my system would be up until my family adopted our young puppy, Linus, last year. 

Linus is energetic, and loves playing around in and outside at home. I worried sometimes when i go to work everyday that he will go out of the house somehow and get lost. One time it happened and i was so scared i called the entire neighborhood and ask around. Luckily i found him, and he was in the park playing with other Maltipoos. This is the reason why i got a home security package from ADT Safestreets, to keep track on my Pet, Linus. He is my only household  (since i am single) and i want to be able to be 100% sure that my home is locked whenever i leave.. 

Linus is a Maltipoo– friendly, devoted and affectionate. However, there is one thing Linus is most definitely not: built for the great outdoors. Maltipoos are inside dogs and can’t manage outside conditions for very long. Our Linus doesn’t understand (or care) about this and continually makes a heroic run for an open door.

It’s heartbreaking when I hear of curious animals like Linus wandering out of the house without their owners’ knowledge. While a lot of these pets are taken to shelters, an unfortunately high variety of them– some price quote nearly 6 million in the United States alone– are hit by cars and trucks.

I know how unsafe it would be for Linus to get out of the house, as well as how sad my family would be if something terrible happened to him.

Luckily, our ADT Safestreets system informs us anytime a door or window is opened, providing us vital time to head off any spirited yet possibly harmful escape attempts.

My household can also keep tabs on Linus with our mobile phones while we’re far from home. We get a kick out of utilizing our ADT Safestreets electronic cameras to view Linus when he has your house all to himself, and we look for creative ways to keep him entertained when he’s alone.

Leaving my Pet at Home, Monitor

Linus has become like another member of our household. My youngest kid even calls him her “little sibling.” I’m grateful my ADT Safestreets system helps keep my whole family– both the two and four-legged members– safe and protected.

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ADT home security systems put just as much work in keeping your home safe and secure as you do. Our around-the-clock monitoring ensures that even when you aren’t home, someone is making sure you don’t come home to any surprises, like in this case – Linus getting away! 


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