Samsung Smart Home For Dogs

Smart Home For Dogs, not for Hunting Dogs

Smart Home For Dogs – but not exactly for Hunting Dogs? Although this is a great start for dogs, but why are they not doing or creating anything technological for HUNTING DOGS? Too big of a dream maybe? Huge in size, little bit of like putting a king into a cage, maybe. It seems not […]

service big dog

Service Animals Type

Let us start by Knowing What a Service Animal is Service Animals Service animals are pets (and in many cases, mini horses) trained to carry out significant life jobs to help individuals with handicaps. Service animals are in some cases described as assistive animals, service animals, support animals, or therapy animals depending upon the nation […]

dog inside a pet house

Hidden Benefits of Having A Pet Around

Does Taking Care of a Family pet Makes You Healthier and Better? There are many advantages in owning a Family pet. Not only it is a lot of fun having them around, but it also makes people healthier. If you ever owned a pet, you are most likely already know about how much enjoyment and […]

Why my Pet Dog is super aggressive?

The Utah-Drahthaar originated from a hard, relentless pet dogs. Bulldogs were developed to deal with butchers to engage and control steers and cattle-animals that countless times their size and that may set off a fatal injury if the pet was not tight and quick enough. The Drahthaar that supplied their genes to the Utah-Drahthaar household […]

How to bottle fed Puppies

Steps on how to bottle fed your Baby Pup! When you’re bottle feeding young puppies, it is vital to use a Pup milk replace that fulfills their unique dietary needs. Modern Puppy Powder solutions that are thoroughly prepared to simplify so you can buy it at your veterinarian’s office or from large family pet shops. […]

Hunter with hunting dog in a forest

How i became a bird Hunter

It occurred on a Sunday afternoon nearly ten years ago. I was a freshman in high school, and we resided in Ogden, a suburban north area of Utah– not exactly the most favorable location for a teenager who was really into the outdoors. Nevertheless, I discovered an area where I can get away from city […]

Fetch and Retrieve

Do you want to Play Fetch and Retrieve with your Utah – Drahthaar Asking your hunting Dog to save a ball or a Frisbee is enjoyable, and it is an excellent activity that pet owners can have interaction with their canines. Teaching your dog to capture a shot is the very same as teaching her […]

Pregnant Free Dog

Thinking of Spaying and Neutering your Hunting Dog? You might want to consider the Pros and the Cons before proceeding into it. Here are some thoughts to help you out with the reasoning: The “Pros” Of Spaying Your Drahthaar Pregnant Free Pet Hunting Dogs normally have a difficult time delivering naturally. You are putting their […]